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nafisa on I wasn´t snoring. was I?
Great capture

hugo poon on I wasn´t snoring. was I?
Classic candid! Couldn't resist, could you?!:-) Have a nice day!

Ralph Jones on I wasn´t snoring. was I?
Been there and done that, except when I snore my mouth is open.

Steven on I wasn´t snoring. was I?
AACCKK!! A great candid capture here!! It reminds me of what I did last Friday at the doctor's office as my head ...

Ralph Jones on night time
Beautiful sky and amazing detail in the city scape. Man it's good to see you posting here once again.

Pavan Kaul on night time
Stunningly beautiful...lovely colors & atmosphere!

Steven on night time
Dramatic sky that you've captured here with the ominous clouds and beautiful colors!!

nafisa on night time
Lovely sky

Steven on Aqua Building - Chicago
An excellent PoV that you've captured here!! What I love about this building is that its look changes with every ...

k@ on Aqua Building - Chicago
Yes, that's the very feel here - now i'm waiting for a shark coming out of the windows ! Hope you are doing ...

k@ on Bodil playing the blues
Super focus & tilt in the passion of music - welcome back ;)

Ralph Jones on Bodil playing the blues
Agreed in reference to the cow's head, I have nightmares... Welcome back friend!

Steven on Bodil playing the blues
Plus that cow's head on your last post was getting a bit gruesome the last few years. :-)

Steven on Bodil playing the blues
What a welcomed surprise to see you posting here once again!! A great up close and personal shot of him playing the ...

MARIANA on Chewy Louie
Hey, nice to see you on Aminus . I hope I am not wrong thinking of your other page . This is super cool capture . ...

Stu on Chewy Louie
Quite gruesome....but fascinating.

Pavan Kaul on See you on the other side
This is a really very beautiful wreath...a beautiful image which is also full of sadness!

Amir Taheri Kondar on Chewy Louie
Happy new Iranian year (Nowrooz) to you.

Pavan Kaul on frozen
Really so beautiful...well done!

Sonia Nansid on Chewy Louie
This is a very strong picture... Im glad you have documented it but still I get a very deep feeling of nuisance... ...

Pavan Kaul on John, I´m only dancing
Great shot Goran:)

Pavan Kaul on Chewy Louie
Well seen and brilliantly captured!! Makes me a bit sad though! A great shot! I am glad the trouble with posting ...

bluechameleon on Chewy Louie
What a cool shot and perfect capture. The expression is amazing!

David on Icing
The frost on the icicles are really unusual, at least around here. Very interesting. I really like the composition.

crash on John, I´m only dancing
funny shot!

larans on Chewy Louie
Märkligt motiv men en underbar bild. Bra fångat!

Nigel on Chewy Louie
Super pic!

browneyes on Chewy Louie
WoW! Part of life. Great capture!

Reno on Chewy Louie
Yes, an art a performance to me, and this no-seen head are a great element playing with this cow. ...

Ralph Jones on Chewy Louie
Oh I forgot to say it's a great capture!

Ralph Jones on Chewy Louie
Oh no! What happened to the rest of him? Did someone take offense the he was chewing with his mouth open and decide to ...

Nigel on frozen
Simple scene - nice in b and w

Steven on frozen
Beautiful capture here! Love the detail and texture seen in the tree on the right with great contrast with its branches.

Ralph Jones on frozen
This is so nice, I love the detail and contrast. It's one of the better winter photos, I have seen.

crasg on Assorted pools
wow .. whata contrast between the pool building and the wreck across the street !

crasg on frozen
nicely captured! perfect winter scene

Ralph Jones on John, I´m only dancing
I like this! Love the people in silhouette and their shiny reflections. The person touching their forehead seems to be ...

Florence on John, I´m only dancing
Send it to David. He'd loved it. ;-))

Nigel on John, I´m only dancing
Clever - I like this.

MARIANA on John, I´m only dancing
Great image . Very cool compo .

Marie on The transaction
superbe scène, qui me rappelle des scènes vues depuis les bus africains.

Will on Now she´s in purple
The lighting is great in this shot. Did you use background/foreground gels on a lighting kit or use available lighting ...

DaveB on Longing
Nice B&W shot, some fill-in flash might have worked well here?

Reno on closed set
Oh...there isn't any comment here!! well, a reason more to let some digital trace of my droping by, because this ...

Reno on 24-7
Yes!! I came to see others of your works. This is very well-seen and done. The composition (lines) led us go in to this ...

Reno on Time waits for noone - nailed
Great angle, but not just the angle...the power of tell about whom can't: the title and the position suggest me ...

MARIANA on Longing
Great compo and processing !

Ralph Jones on Longing
Great B&W and great title!

Pavan Kaul on Longing
Superb perspective, composition and tones!

Pierre C. on Now she´s in purple
Cool shot ;)

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